Dedicated to the R&D, production, marketing and services of disposable PVC gloves, Synthetic and imitation latex gloves.

Tangshan Hongyun Healthcare Products Co.,Ltd.

Dedicated to the R&D, production, marketing and services of disposable PVC gloves, Synthetic and imitation latex gloves.

Tangshan Hongyun Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. is located in Pachigang Industrial Area, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province with an area of 75,270 m2. It’s incorporated with a registered capital of RMB 29.47 million and specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of medical supplies. It’s home to more than 700 employees, over 60 of them have college degrees or above. This team of high-caliber talent ensures our company’s efficient operation. Furthermore, by virtue of advanced production equipment and strong technical force, we have passed multiple certifications such as ISO 9001and ISO 13485, BRC, FDA and CE.

Founded in 2005, we have established six workshops for PVC gloves production (and one workshop mainly for producing packaging cartons with an annual output of 17 million). We have 36 production lines in total whose annual production capacity is 5.5 billion pieces of gloves. We mainly produce disposable PVC gloves with multiple color options (Clear color, blue or black, etc.), powdered or powder-free Synthetic and imitation latex gloves with different specifications widely used in many fields such as medical and health services, laboratories, food processing, printing, chemical engineering, electronic industry, and daily life. In the past 20 years since the factory was built and put into production, our products have been mainly exported to many countries and regions such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Netherlands and Japan.


In accordance with the national energy-saving and emission reduction requirements, we have carried out a large-scale transformation on production workshop automation, environmental protection and cultural environment building, and equipped all production lines with automatic demoulding machines. We actively respond to the national policies and follow the requirements of environmental protection policy by using SCR denitrification technology for gas fired-boiler upgrading and reconstruction, installing online monitoring system for excessive VOC treatment, installing sub-electric meters connecting with the platforms of the municipal environment and ecological protection bureau for all production and environmental protection equipment, applying closed facilities + high-pressure electrostatic oil fume purifier + activated carbon adsorption device + catalytic combustion desorption to VOC waste gas treatment, and showing up-to-standard discharge data on all networked platforms of the municipal environment and ecological protection bureau. We have passed the environmental assessment, environmental acceptance check and pollutants emission inspection made by municipal and county-level environmental protection departments and expert groups, and gotten the pollutants discharge permit. We complete pollutants testing reports regularly according to the self-monitoring program, and all data reaches the standard, ensuring that our emission during production are stable and up to standard.


We attach importance to the scientific and standardized production and management, and constantly improves the employees’ safety awareness of production and fire-fighting with various forms of training activities, to achieve strict control of each step. The humanized management shows our working environment of cohesion and harmony. In this garden-style factory, there is a high-standard staff club and activity center, a modern office environment, and a green area of 11,500 m2.

2005 Year

Company establishment


Existing staff

2947 Ten thousand yuan

Registered capital


PVC gloves production workshop

Garden style factory

Walking around our factory, you can see rows of clean buildings for production and office work being dotted with green grass and picturesque landscape. We have carpet of flowers in spring, shade of trees in summer, rich fruits in autumn and evergreen trees in winter. Working in such a wonderland-like environment surrounded by the chirping of birds, we believe we can maximum our potential and motivation.